Do I need all Bathroom Items?

Do I need all Bathroom Items?

When planning and equipping a bathroom, it is essential to include items that ensure functionality, comfort, and convenience. Here is a list of necessary bathroom items and explanations of why they are needed. Please have in mind that we exclude bathroom essentials like the sink, toilet and shower.

Storage Solutions

Cabinets, shelves, and drawers provide necessary storage for toiletries, towels, and cleaning supplies. Proper storage not only helps to keep the bathroom organized and clutter-free. The importance lays more in easier cleaning as the humid environment of a bathroom makes dust and other particles stick to any surface with ease.

Towel Racks/Bars

Towel racks and bars are needed for hanging and drying towels. They help keep towels within easy reach and allow them to dry properly, preventing dampness and mildew.

Toilet Paper Holder

A holder for toilet paper ensures that it is conveniently accessible. It helps keep the bathroom tidy and organized by providing a designated spot for toilet paper rolls. But most importantly it will make sure your paper roll is safe from slash water.

Shower Curtain/Screen

Shower curtains or screens prevent water from splashing out of the shower or bathtub area, keeping the rest of the bathroom dry and reducing the risk of slipping on wet floors. They can also give you more privacy in case your bathroom is used by several people at the same time. Parents will know that problem.

Bath Mat

Bath mats provide a non-slip surface to step on after bathing, reducing the risk of slips and falls. They also help absorb water, keeping the bathroom floor dry and clean. Be sure to use a dedicated bathroom mat as they are specially designed to tackle these issues and provide safety.

Ventilation Fan

A ventilation fan helps remove moisture and humidity from the bathroom, preventing mold and mildew growth. Proper ventilation also improves air quality and reduces odors. This could also be a breathable blind on your bathroom window which does not restrict full airflow.

Soap Dispenser/Dish

Soap dispensers or dishes keep soap accessible and organized, promoting hygiene by providing a designated spot for soap. Make sure to use one with drainage to prevent soap pieces from piling up.

Toothbrush Holder

A toothbrush holder keeps toothbrushes organized and off the countertop, promoting hygiene and preventing cross-contamination. We do not recommend closed toothbrush cups as they restrict airflow and might cause increased bacteria growth.

Trash Can

A small trash can is necessary for disposing of bathroom waste such as tissues, cotton swabs, and packaging from personal care products. It helps keep the bathroom clean and tidy. Ideally one with closed lid to prevent splash water coming inside.

Shower Caddy

A shower caddy provides storage for shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other bathing essentials. It keeps these items organized and within easy reach during showers. We highly recommend a durable version with drainage. Firstly to make sure it wont fall off easily and secondly to keep it clean as foam can rinse off easily.


By using the right materials and design for these essential items, you can create a functional, comfortable, and well-organized space that meets your daily needs and enhances your overall bathroom experience. Make sure that you use all in one style to make it look even. For that feel free to explore our collections or ask us for specific products.

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